3266 De La Cruz,

Santa Clara CA 95054

At Davenriche Special Operations Command's Killhouse, we offer a unique, niche, indoor, changeable
airsoft experience.

It is with a sad heart that we hear of the closing of Fort Ord. It was a great field with fantastic games.

We will re-open the DSOC KillHouse for games on June 5 and 6


What is D.S.O.C.

All players must be minimum 15 years old

What is a 'Killhouse'

We are an Airsoft field


Also known as a shoot house, a "killhouse" is a live ammunition small arms shooting range used to train military and law enforcement personnel for close contact engagements in urban combat environments.

Airsoft devices are functional, replica firearms. They are usually made to scale and shoot BBs, small plastic balls under 1 mm. Their fire rate varies per field. Here, the cap is 350 feet per second (FPS). You may bruise when hit.

BBs may cause bruising. Eye protection is required for all players. Minors are required to wear full face mask protection. Find more information on our waiver, here. All participants are required to also sign our field rules.



Penguinn Pangan 

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What people are saying about the Killhouse

First time in and already friendly faces to remember. Field was great and so were the players. Thanks again for a great time

After the reopening of the DSOC Killhouse, I must say I had an absolute blast! Again! If you want a very fast paced and stressfull game, with open and tight corners, this is the place to test your stuff! Also a great place to test your team communication skills. Will be back for more! Thank You!!!

Great place. John is dedicated to making this arena fun rather than being a stickler on rules. Even on a 4 person game (95 degree day) it was one of best experiences I've had in a while


We have 2 regular referees with a third ref on call. The on call ref is also our go to consultant.

Alex Kilpelainen

John Dietzel



3266 De La Cruz

Santa Clara, CA 95054



Tel: 408-216-9351



Open on the 1st Sunday of each month with a new field layout each game day.

Doors open at 9 a.m.

Games start at 11:00 a.m.

Doors close at 5:00 p.m.






D.S.O.C. Killhouse Gameplay

How we offer a SWAT simulation experience:

A closed, in-door environment
Multiple entrances for breaching
Movable walls for different scenarios
Ideal for  squads and tactical use
Receptive staff to game play requests

During the normal hours of Davenriche European Martial Artes School, attend any variety of our classes for 3 free hours.


This offer does not include the archery class or lane or use of the airsoft field. The modern combat class consists of firearm safety using an airsoft gun (a non-lethal, no license required pistol that shoots plastic BBs) in the first hour before it is hands-on (tactics, firearm education with airsoft substitutes, et cetera) . This offer includes complementary equipment such as a training weapon (includes sword type based on class or airsoft device & mandatory protective gear.


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