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 1. Prior to arrival at D.E.M.A.S., all Airsoft Devices must be stored, secured, and carried inside a bag, case, or box, NO EXCEPTIONS. Treat and handle the transportation of all Airsoft Devices like REAL FIREARMS. 


2. Prior to departure from D.E.M.A.S., all magazines must be removed from your Airsoft Devices. All Airsoft Devices must be stored, secured, and carried inside a bag, case, or box before exiting the staging area and entering the lobby or parking lot. Treat and handle the transport of all Airsoft Devices like REAL FIREARMS. 

3. Real firearms, real ammunition, or real knives are strictly prohibited at the D.E.M.A.S. airsoft field.  


4. Face Protection must remain on at all times while inside designated “Hot Zones” and playing field. Do not remove Face Protection under any circumstance. In the event your vision is impaired due to “fogging” or any other reason, DO NOT REMOVE your Eye Protection. If you lose your eye protection in game, call “BLIND MAN” immediately and wait for a referee who will escort you to a safe zone! Only approved full-face masks or approved multiple face protection systems are allowed. All eye protection must be fully sealed and A.S.T.M. rated. This is for your safety! 


5. Prior to exiting the playing field, remove all magazines from Airsoft Devices, clear any and all BBs from the device in the clearing barrels located outside the staging area, put the device on SAFETY mode. Fingers must remain completely off the triggers. All pistol devices must be holstered. DO NOT PLAY WITH OR DRY FIRE WEAPONS INSIDE STAGING AREA AT ANY TIME! 


6. Weapons of any type are not allowed in the lobby area unsecured at any time! Weapons are only allowed in designated “Hot Zones” such as the staging area and playing field. 


7. When you are off the field, your weapon should be pointed at the ground away from other players.


8. Any player caught in questionable behavior will be removed from the game immediately and face possible loss of playing rights. Always give your fellow players the benefit of the doubt! If you suspect a player is not playing honorably notify field staff immediately and we will take care of the issue.


9. Any single hit to the body, gear, or mask counts as a hit, including friendly fire. Remember if a player Surrenders or “Bang kills” you they are extending a courtesy to you by not shooting you at close range, so please extend the same courtesy by not taking advantage of their honor and returning fire. The best course of action when within your minimum engagement distance (M.E.D.) is to back up to outside your M.E.D. and take the shot. 


10. When shot by a BB, Players must call “Hit!” or some form of exaggerated pained shout (“Argh!” “Gah!” “Bleargh!” etc. are fine examples). They may then lay down or sit down leaning against any form of hard cover, with the soles of both feet off the ground. Players may then call for help and wait for a teammate to come medic them using the game’s current medic rules. If a player wishes to voluntarily call themselves out or off the field at any time for any reason, they may raise their weapon above their head and walk to the nearest exit. Once a weapon is raised above a player’s head they are signaling stepping out of the game, and may not enter back into the game until the next round. No faking deaths or surrenders.


11. Swearing directed at fellow players or referees is not allowed. Accidents happen, and we understand, but we need to keep this from becoming a hostile environment. “%$#@! My toe!” is acceptable. “%$#@ you!” is not.  No sexually explicit patches or accessories are allowed.


12. Do not leave your equipment or personal belonging unattended. Safely secure all items. D.E.M.A.S. is not responsible for any damaged or stolen items. In the event, you believe you have a missing item first check Lost and Found then notify us immediately and we will do our best to help locate your missing item. 


13. Velocity limits: Strictly Enforced and subject to “Spot Check” All players will be issued a color weapon I.D. tag based on chronograph. Removal of weapons tag at any time will result in your immediate ejection from the facility! Always remember safety first! All H.P.A. systems are required to have a Tournament locking device for the air regulator NO EXCEPTIONS! 

14. The maximum weight of bb's allowed on the DSOC field is .25


15. All weapons must pass chronograph using a field-supplied magazine and .20g BB’s immediately

upon entering the staging area and prior to entry on the playing field. Weapons (G.B.B., Auto Electric Guns or A.E.G.’s) above 350 FPS are not allowed under any circumstances. The use of marksman weapons shooting over 400fps is prohibited, and unnecessary in our close-quarter environment.


16. Full auto is not allowed. To simulate real-life scenarios and firearms, as well as keep players from overshooting in our confined space, players can fire as fast as they want but only in semi-auto.


17. No Thunder B’s, or other sound grenades are allowed. Tornado and Cyclone grenades, as well as spring-loaded mines and green gas-powered 40mm grenades, are the only “explosive” devices allowed on the field. No smoke or pyrotechnics are permitted. 


18. All players under the age of 18 years old must have a parent or legal guardian present to complete a waiver. 

Play with Honor

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